Mobile development projects

The following are a sample of the mobile applications that I've developed or worked on.


Volumedroid is an application I developed which detects whether you are playing music on your Android phone with or without headphones and auto adjusts the volume to your desired level. This application is currently available on the Android Market to all Android devices.



SEODroid is an application that I'm in the final stages of developing which allows SEO professionals to conduct their SEO research of things like page rank and keyword density on the go. This application will be available on the Android Market by the end of July 2010 and is anticipated to be on the Apple App Store by the end of August 2010.

SEO Droid keyword entry screenSEO Droid keywrods results screen


firstthere was developed in 2008, in partnership with the Association of Labour Providers and flex-e-vouchers one of the UK's largest pre-paid card providers. Migrant workers receive their wages on their pre-paid card and are able to manage their money on the card, find a job and communicate with one another via the mobile application. A web based version of the mobile application was developed offering maximum capablity to workers and a Java Me version was also developed for more advance handsets which allows virtually free messaging.


Ministry of Sound

The ministry of sound were looking to develop a simple sign up solution for the pre-paid card they had just launched. Mobile-Tribe developed a text messaging based system whereby the user could text their registration details and have the payment for the card taken by text.

Ministry of Sound